Good advice does not necessarily have to be expensive. As far as the delicate question of remuneration is concerned we place particular emphasis on fairness and transparency. Our policy is therefore to make sure that the client is always well informed in advance about the amount of the fee. As a rule this information can be given by phone also, so you are invited to contact us to clarify the fee in advance.

Depending on whether you require just one individual consultation or more comprehensive advice with, for instance, the drawing up of contracts, or whether you require us to represent you in an extra-judicial or judicial dispute, different types of remuneration models will apply. For a single consultation, a lump-sum, which is, as a rule, quite moderate, will be agreed with you beforehand. Should the content of the mandate be such that contracts have to be drawn up or documents drafted, we will also agree on a lump-sum fee with you, insofar as the foreseeable extent of time and services to be invested by us can be estimated in advance. For extra-judicial and judicial representation our fees will be calculated according to the statutory regulations of the law on remuneration of lawyers (RVG).

For a simple (one-time) consultation the financial outlay will be clear in advance. The same will apply to the agreed lump-sum fee for a more comprehensive consultation. As a rule, the costs for extra-judicial or judicial disputes can be calculated fairly accurately. And, in this way, you will be informed from the very beginning about the ‘worst case scenario’ as regards the costs to be expected.

Again and again there are cases, for which a fee on an hourly basis is an appropriate and fair charging method. To prevent such arrangements turning out like „filling a leaky bucket“, we regularly fix a fee limit, which may not be exceeded without your express agreement. In this way you have a solid calculating basis and can decide for yourself whether it is worth while for you to proceed with the matter after the fee limit has been reached.

For notarial matters the costs are fixed by law and not negotiable. Here too, we will be pleased to inform you in advance about the costs to expect for availing of the planned notarial business.