Dr. Winkelmann & Dr. Vogt
Rechtsanwälte und Notar

Tel.: 06151/1782-5
Fax: 06151/1782-82

Ludwigsplatz 8
64283 Darmstadt





If you come by car it is advisable to park in the parking garage „Garage Wilhelminen“. This parking garage can be reached via the City-Ring-Tunnel (city centre traffic in Darmstadt is catered for largely by a system of tunnels and underground streets). Keep to the leftmost lane in the City-Tunnel and turn off left (while still in the tunnel in the left lane) in order to enter the parking garage „Garage Wilhelminen”. Pay attention to the traffic signs!

When you have parked your car in the parking garage, proceed to the exit „Wilhelminenpassage“ (not: Hügelstraße). The Wilhelminenpassage is a small shopping mall. When you have arrived here from the parking garage turn right and continue on out of the Wilhelminenpassage. Beyond the enclosed shopping mall the street curves to the left. Continue on here until you reach a stairs; go down these steps and turn immediately to the right. It is only a few metres now to the Ludwigsplatz (recognizable by the fountain there - the “Bismarck-Brunnen”). Our offices are located on the 3rd floor of the HypoVereinsbank building.