Special areas

As each attorney working in this law firm focuses on his own specialized area of law we cover a very broad spectrum of legal areas. We deal mainly with the following fields of specialization and their respective subgroups:

Commercial law:

This includes the whole commercial contract law, law on competition with its very special characteristics, product liability law, law on insolvency and e.g. the following subdivisions:

Commercial contract law:

  • supply agreements
  • sales contracts
  • project contracts
  • licence contracts
  • contracts for work and services
  • General Standard Terms and Conditions

Law on competition:

  • unfair competition
  • law of trade marks
  • cartels law

Mercantile law:

  • law for commercial representatives
  • law for authorised dealers
  • franchising

Product liability law:

  • contractual defects of quality and product liability
  • tortious product liability
  • product liability law and private statutes in relation to product liability law

Law on insolvency:

  • counselling in business crises
  • counselling and representation of creditors during insolvency proceedings
  • counselling and representation of business enterprises and their management before and during insolvency proceedings

Tax law:

For years we have been focusing on this legal area with all its facets, as e.g.

Procedural law :

  • Opposition proceedings/proceedings of objection
  • Fiscal proceedings at all courts of exchequer (Finanzgerichte) and at the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof)

Law on criminal prosecution for tax offences:

  • Counselling in legal matters concerning tax offences and representation in criminal prosecution proceedings for tax offences
  • Counselling in matters concerning the investigation of tax offences
  • Counselling with regard to self-accusation report to authorities for the purpose of penalty exemption

Taxation planning:

  • Setting up business
  • Company successor
  • Company audit
  • Counselling of physicians in tax matters

Medical law:

This includes the entire spectrum of health care with its various legal aspects, as e.g.

  • Law for medical profession
  • Law of medical liability
  • Setting up a practice/ participation in practice
  • Purchase/sale of practice
  • Law for admission as doctor
  • Labour law in practice and clinic
  • Law for medical superintendents
  • Collection of bills receivable for service/law on fees
  • Establishment (place of business)
  • Penal law for doctors
  • Law on competition and publicity
  • Law on medical preparations/pharmaceuticals
  • Law on pharmacies

Law of succession:

In this area we advise clients and deputize for them in all questions relating to inheritance planning, distribution of estate and handling procedure of estate such as:

  • Planning succession in property rights
  • Partition of inheritance
  • Compulsory portion entitlements
  • Estate duty

Labour law:

Here we are active in dealing with all questions and problems that are likely to arise as a result of a work relationship, e.g.

  • Setting up employment contracts
  • Notices of termination of employment
  • Payroll accounting
  • Protection of working mother
  • Warnings
  • Labour court proceedings

Real-property law:

This includes in particular

  • Entire law of property
  • House and apartment purchase
  • Law on ownership of an apartment
  • Private and commercial law of tenancy

Company law:

As we advise and represent not only many start-up companies but also several established companies, we are very familiar with the various business forms such as:

  • Civil law association (GbR)
  • General commercial partnership (OHG)
  • Limited commercial partnership (KG)
  • Limited liability company (GmbH)
  • Public limited company (AG)
  • Limited commercial partnership with limited company (GmbH & Co. KG)

If you are planning to set up one of the above types of company, or if you are having legal problems in an already existing company, we will be pleased to offer you assistance.

Road traffic law:

This is one of our particular specialization areas due to the fact that we act as permanent legal representatives for a large car rental company. Consequently, we have a great fund of routine experience in the following fields:

  • Dealing with entire traffic accident procedure
  • Traffic fines and penal traffic proceedings
  • Driving licence matters

Law of domestic relations:

For many years now we have been dealing successfully with family law. The following areas may be mentioned in particular:

  • Law of divorce
  • Maintenance law
  • Parent and child law

Media law:

For some years now we have been permanent legal representatives for a newspaper publisher and a television broadcasting station. For that reason we are the appropriate consultants for all legal questions concerning the following areas:

  • Press law and the right to have a counter-statement published
  • Refraining from false and/or defamatory newspaper, radio or television reports
  • Damages claims for false and/or defamatory newspaper, radio or television reports
  • Internet law

Should you need legal assistance in an area, in which no member of this law office is specialized, we will be happy to recommend one of our many co-operative partners - the one who is best qualified to deal with the case in question. This is an essential part of our philosophy: Finding the best juridical solution for a client, even if it means loosing the client to a colleague who's specialization ist better suited to the client's needs.